Here at a APR, our product lines are carefully developed to maximize the impact of your buildings appearance while maintaing the highest level of durability. Currently in 2008 APR is focused on four primary product lines.

  • Interior and exterior Composite Trim program
  • Custom-Cast line of stone details
  • Door and Window program
  • And a series of Niche products

Composite Trim: Composite trim is fabricated using several types of resin to achieve precision cast products that emulate traditional building materials. These trim products are the soloution to many challenges faced by architects, builders and homeowners. Composite trim offers extremely low maintenance, easy installation and unmatched durability in even the harshest environments.

Custom Cast: APR has the ability to make a wide range of custom pre-cast stone parts to fit the architectural theme of any building. Our stone details can be created with the texture & color of your choice. Molds can be made and ideas can come to life.

Doors & Windows: We have a full line of vinyl windows for either retrofit or new construction. Our vinyl windows are offered in several differnt price points. APR is an AHMAA certified installer, with knowlage of installing new & retrofit windows with a complete trim pakage to finish the job completely. We also offer a full line of interior doors and a complete line of entry doors.

Niche Products: Our niche products are very diverse with many differnet types of specialty products.

Molded Polyurethane: Apr has been supplying and installing molded polyurethane throughout Southern California for over twenty years now. Our finishing and fastening methods are time tested and well recieved through the industry. Molded Polyurethane makes an excellent addition to new and remodeled homes exterior finish because of the imediate and long term benefits. Urethane is lightweight and very easy to install. The ease of use associated with urethane helps to cut down on labor cost and extra fastening materials required for usual building materials. Urethane is primarily used in places you would normally see wood elements, but over time wood elemnts rot, crack or get infested with insects. However you will not see any of these behaviors in any urethane parts.

  • Shutters: Molded Polyurethane shutters are offered in many different styles as well as fully customizable shapes and textures.
  • Faux Beams: Our Faux beams add an amazing amount of style and depth to the interior of almost any room. Offered in wood-grain or smooth finish, these faux beams lend themselves to many different architectural themes.
  • Door & Window Trim: We have complete lines of door & window trim to match throughout the entire building. We also have an extensive line of nominal sized lumber shapes with resawn wood-grain texture.
  • Balustrade Systems: Balustrade systems give decks, porches and balconies a beautiful & massive appearance, while providing a necessary service. Balustrades are sold in mulitiple widths and heights.
  • Mouldings: Mouldings add fine line deatil and depth to the interior or exterior of any building. Our line includes profiles for crown, dentil, facsia, belly-band, baseboard, wood-grain flatstock and more.

PVC: Freshly added to our arsenal in early 2008, PVC is rapidly becoming a common request among builders, homeowners and architects looking for a solution to trim and siding applications which require more strength, durability but still give some flexibility. PVC trim is offered in two textures(smooth & wood-grain) and lots of common lumber sizes(nominal & net). We also have the capability to create custom parts throught the use of CNC routing machines. These CNC machines have the ability to cut custom panels, logos and one piece railing components. Column wraps are another rapidly growing product to remodels and new construction. Column wraps are lighter wieght and easier to install than FRP or solid stone columns.

  • Railings:Our PVC railing systems can be adapted to meet the requirements of any deck, porch or balcony. With stadard widths and heights or fully custom one piece shapes our PVC railings can match any architectural style necessary. PVC railings are extremely durable in all environments.
  • Trimboards: PVC trimboards are a great way to trim your project in a material with high impact resistence. Trimboards come a multitude of widths & thicknesses and are also offered in one piece corner profiles.
  • Mouldings: There are several moulding profiles to choose from to continue the use of PVC throughout the exterior of your projects.
  • Column Wraps: PVC column wraps are available in many sizes, shapes and panel designs.
  • Decking: PVC decking is highly scrath resistant and boasts unparalleled stain resistance. PVC decking gives comfort and piece of mind to any homeowner lucky enough to have it installed on thier home.

FRP Columns: FRP Tuscan Columns are an age-old building element still used on many homes, businesses and buildings of importance all around the world. FRP columns have a life expectancy longer than any other composite material used today. Columns can be either square or round with several differnt finish applications on the shaft. Our round columns hold very true to the classic architectural rules applied in first century BC, Greece. We also carry the many differnt styles from throughout varying time periods to match other famous architectural themes. In conjuntion with the differnt types of shafts, we carry a generous amount of architecturally acurate caps and bases.

  • Tuscan: Available in Round and square, we carry widths from 6" to 36" and specific heights available.
  • Tapered / Non-Tapered: Round columns are either tapered or non-tapered, typically the taper is in the top 2/3's of the shaft.
  • Fluted: Round and square columns both come with the option for flutes.
  • Craftsman: Craftman columns are heavily tapered square shafts, resembling homes of the early 20th century.
  • Paneled: Paneled columns have a couple different options as to which type of panel is used. Either a recessed panel or a applied panel.
  • Decorative Caps & Bases: Our decorative caps and bases are made of durable low maintenane materials and are offered in over twenty different profiles, architecturally and historically acurate.

Pre-cast Stone: APR is one of Orange Countys premier pre-cast stone suppliers and installers. We offer a wide variety of precision pre-cast concrete door and window mouldings, along with hardscape components and decorative elements.

Our library of parts include:

  • Balustrades
  • Door and Window Mouldings
  • Large Entry Systems, Radius and Compound radius
  • Wall cap and Apron
  • Floor pavers
  • Columns
  • Fireplace faces

  • Standard Cast Concrete: Our most economical type of stone, a wet poured cement material typically much heavier than other types of pre-cast.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete: GFRC mouldings and trim can be a better choice for larger trim components because of the lighter weight and ease of installation.
  • Glass-fiber Reinforced Gypsum: Manufactured with crushed gypsum and chopped fiberglass, used for interior use only.
  • Finish Texture: Our stone parts are offered in three differnt finish textures. Smooth surface , Sand finish(acid washed) and Travertine.
  • Color: Parts are cast in paint grade grey or the integral color of your choice. All stone should be treated with a high grade sealant to preserve color.
  • Custom Shapes: We have the ability to create any part needed, for existing parts or as per plan.

Milgard Vinyl Windows: APR offers a full line of Milgard vinyl windows for new construction and replacement retro-fit program. All windows are offered with a Full Lifetime Warranty and are backed with J.D. Power & Associates award winning customer service.

Milgard Vinyl Doors: Fiberglass entry doors share the same benefits as our other composite trim programs. Unlike traditional wood exterior doors, fiberglass will not crack, warp or seperate at the joints. Our Milgard door program is energy star qualified in all 50 states. With our dual pane SunCoat® Low-E insulating glass, heat is trapped in during the winter and blocked out in the summer. We also offer 19 decorartive styles of glass, 3 standard and a variety of privacy ratings, from completely transparent to privacy glass.

Ultra Fiberglass Windows: Ultra Fiberglass series are a superior choice for windows because of the increased strength, maintenance features and stability of fiberglass. Ultra series will never peel, crack or absorb water.

Wood Clad Windows: If you would like something a little more decorative than vinyl, we offer wood clad windows. Wood clad windows are made with Clear Verticle Grain Fir and are ready for the finish and stain of your choice.

  • Glass options: Fiberglass entry doors have seemingly endless combinations of glass configurations. Upgrading from SunCoat® Low-E to SunCoat Max only inreases the resistance to the elements.
  • Grid options: If standard glass is best for you, you still have the option to pick your grid pattern. The three main types are Grille, Prarie and one lite for a seamless, unobstructed view.
  • Vinyl windows for New Construction: Using Milgard vinyl windows on new construction homes is a smart choice. We carry a broad range of operating styles, frame styles and several glass choices. Not to mention we back our windows with a Full Lifetime Warranty.
  • Vinyl Replacement Windows: Installing replacement windows is probably the easiest way to increas the curb appeal to your entire home. Along with replacing your windows, new casings and trim can be installed at the same time, doubling the effect.

WindsorONE: Although APR is well know for the myriad of composite trim products we carry, WindsorONE is a wood product we feel we can stand behind. Not a traditional composite material, it is however a blend of differnet materials combined to make a wonderful trim component.

Wood Mouldings: APR has a complete line of interior wood mouldings, hundereds of profiles in crown, base, casing and many other profiles. Our mouldings are a great compliment to our interior door program.

New England Classic: New England Classic is our brand of choice for interior wainscoting and wall paneling. New England Classic makes it very easy to purchase and install with the pre-made kits and assembly packs.

Stone Veneer: Stone veneer is a very popular design element for the exterior or interior of homes and commercial buildings. Stone veneer is a great way to add lot of style and depth to a building at a decent price.

Wrought Iron: In the past couple years APR has been working closly with our wrought iron manufacturer to creaate custom railings, entry doors and any other custom shapes needed to meet architects desired look.

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces: For green minded and LEEDS oriented builders and designers, Dimplex electric fireplaces are a great option. Costing only cents a day while offering the same charm and look of a conventional fireplace, electric fireplaces are easy to install and continue to save money for man years after installation.

Atlantic Premium Shutters: You can't miss the unmistakable look of Bahama shutters, as great as they look, thier not always easy to find. APR has been an Atlantic shutter dealer for quite a few years, installing Bahamas all over southern California for custom and track home builders.

Coatings: Special coatings are very much a big deal at APR, we feel there is always a right way to do something while everything else falls just short. Here at APR our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality composite parts to maximize longevity, so using anything less than the best to coat, paint or seal is almost "counter-productive".


  • WindsorONE: The WindsoeOne moulding collection has an amazing amount of verstility in creating historically accurate profiles or designing your own built-up combination. All WindsorOne products are free of knots and are consistantly clear, crisp and have true edges.
  • Hardwood and MDF: APR carries a large variety of moulding options from shapes and sizes to species. We supply and install anything from stained choice hardwood to preprimed MDF casing, base or crown.
  • Wainscoting: New England Classic has a great looking line of wainscoting to match the design styles for traditional or modern interiors. NEC can be applied in traditional height or applied as a full wall paneling.
  • Stone Veneer: Stone veneer is a very popular design element for the exterior or interior of homes and commercial buildings. Stone veneer is a great way to add lot of style and depth to a building at a decent price.
  • Da Vinci Iron: Da Vinci Iron makes an excellent product in almost any shape and size needed. APR can assist builders and architects in design and installation of custom iron railings, doors and decorative elements.
  • Electric Fireplaces: Dimplex has several types of electric fireplaces for different design styles or wall applications. Some of the fireplaces have built in air filtration in conjunction with the heater. Installation can be done with a simple plugin or the fireplaces can be made to fit a hardwire connection.
  • Bahama Shutters: Bahama shutters are great for allowing a soft amount of indirect lighting and maintaining a sense of privacy. Atlantic shutters are made from exceptionally strong materials, some even designed to combat hurricanes. Usually a little more money but worth every cent.
  • Sealants & Paints: We cannot stress enough the importance of high quality sealants and paints. This is why we encourage the use of Xylexin, Blue River Coatings, Sherwin Williams, Proseco and a couple others.